Raylin Marie Wright | Matterport
The works of Raylin Marie Wright, designer based in San Francisco, California.
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Product Design, Visual Design, Brand Design

August 2012 – August 2014

Matterport is a startup that wants to revolutionize 3D imaging technology. They have developed a low-cost reconstruction system that will allow a broad range of consumers to create 3D models of interior spaces automatically. I primarily focused on designing the interfaces for the company’s apps.

Day-to-day, I worked directly with engineers and developers to meet product requirements. I was largely in charge of creating and maintaining the company’s design language across multiple platforms. I also worked on UX and interaction design.


Logo Redesign

My first task was to update the company’s logo. They requested that I keep the existing typeface, and integrate the old logo. I chose to transform the logomark into a hexagon, which represents the company’s goal of making 3D models available to a large number of customers as geometric shapes make up the underlying skeleton of the models. I also altered the spacing between letters to make them more consistent.


I designed the packaging for the 3D camera. The goal was to create a simple, memorable, and cost efficient design. The inside of the box shows a 3D pattern, which is both reflective of the logomark and represents the 3D polygon mesh that makes up the 3D models.

My Matterport

My Matterport is a mobile-ready portal site where customers can view and edit their models. I contributed significantly to building a framework that will flexibly accommodate different growth directions and market segments. In addition to design, I was directly involved in the development of the site. I wrote the majority of the site’s first iteration HTML, and all of the LESS/CSS.

My Matterport also hosts the Workshop and Showcase viewers, which are platforms for the user to view and edit models. The Showcase viewer is WebGL based; I created the visual component of the interface in HTML and CSS, creating a webfont for all assets. I also created the email template, which is sent out anytime the user needs to be notified about their account.

Matterport Capture App

Matterpot Capture is an iOS app that allows users to interface with the Matterport Camera to create 3D models. I designed the entire user interface, including creating all assets, defining transitions, and developing some user flows for a complex connection process.

The Capture app combines many unique functionalities. Part camera, part photo editor, and part file manager, my goal was to create an interface that was intuitive despite being a novel product. I worked directly with the iOS engineer throughout the duration of the project.