Raylin Marie Wright | Rubrik Visual Identity
The works of Raylin Marie Wright, designer based in San Francisco, California.
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Despite being an enterprise product, the goal was to make Rubrik into a memorable, design oriented brand. The company stands for bringing clarity to an industry overrun with complex products. The identity we built needed to reflect these values by being simple, modern, and clean.


Marketing Communications

The design system created needed to be able to translate effortlessly to a number of different marketing materials, and be able to adapt and evolve gracefully with use.


Rubrik needed to take design a step further, and design a bezel for their hardware appliance. I worked closely with Mighty Studios, an industrial design firm, and provided art direction. It was key that the product felt like a natural extension of the brand.



To help our customers get a quick idea of what Rubrik is capable of, I collaborated with the marketing team to create an overview video. I defined the overall look and feel, and selected music that felt like a natural extension of the brand.


We empathize with our users, so it was key that we show how Rubrik is used everyday. I coordinated and directed a photoshoot that showcases the appliance in use in a real data center.

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